Our History

As tourists throughout the world are exposed to increasingly varied experiences and cultures, it becomes important to expose tourists especially those that visit the continent to African cultures, basically taking advantage of Africa’s diverse cultures to create indelible experiences in the minds of tourists. This will encourage local community participation in tourism, create economic opportunities for the ‘local’ population thereby growing the economy from Bottom –up.

This was the vision of Otunba Wanle Akinboboye, our founder and president when he founded the resort in 1984. We are proud of the fact that our resort is the first ever African themed forest, river and beach Resort in the world

As the Resort’s offerings are weaved around Africa’s culture and hospitality it has created tremendous economic opportunities for the people living in its host community and immediate environs. This is because the Resort’s unique African theme creates job opportunities for such indigenes that would not normally be available in a western type tourist establishment. The Resort has adopted African style architecture and buildings. It’s construction methods have therefore created jobs for persons skilled in the indigenous crafts of roof thatching (for roofs), mat making (used for ceilings) and talking drums (used as door bells). The Resort has also provided its nearby rural communities with the opportunity to interact with both domestic and international tourists.

Our resort is experiencing tremendous growth with franchises opening soon across Nigeria, from Refugee Island in Lagos, Ondo State, Koton Karfe in Kogi State to Keffi in Nassarawa state and across Africa, from Akosombo in Ghana, Grand Bassam in Coted’ivoire to Wolyta Soddo in Ethiopia , we are particularly honored that our brand is creating ripple economic impacts and employment to families in our rural host communities and environs.