Entrance fee to the resort is #5,500 per adult , #3,500 per teenager and #1,700 per kid Daycation hours are between 8am to 6pm daily

A Cockage fee of #2000 naira per adult is chrge on food and drinks brought into the resort

No ,you don't need to pay for entrance fee if you are lodging, however should you have guest(s) visiting you during your stay, the guest(s) will have to pay the corresponding entrance fee.

Only day visitors are allowed to come in with food or drinks. A cockage fee of 1,100 naira per adult is charged on food and drinks brought into the resort

The Entrance fee covers land activities such as swimming, table tennis, beach soccer, badminton, board games, catapulting, aim the bucket, volleyball (beach and water), horse riding, African put put ,lawn tennis etc. However you have to pay for water sports activities such as kayaking, jet ski, boat cruise, fishing, sea tubing, canoeing, floating, sea scooter. Please Click Here for water sports rate

Swimming is complimentary. The resort has 14 different swimming pools .Day visitors can only swim in longest pool in the world with six bars . Lodgers can swim in the longest pool and the swimming pool dedicated to their chalets

We have private butlers called "omonile" that are attached to the chalets provide personalised service(s).

La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort is very safe as it is protected by 3 major security bodies... Mobil armed policemen, corporate guard security limited and the vigilante set up by the local community to protect the resort. All these 3 security agency patrol the resort to ensure the safety of all guests and their properties.

Buffet is N8,500 naira per adult, N5,000 naira per kid while plated is N6,000 per adult and N3,000 naira per kid

Night parties and any form of party is not allowed in the chalet. Parties can only take place at designated area on the beach during the day. We have in-house DJs who provide Entertainment and we can cater for a large number of guests. However,if you prefer to come in with your DJ, a corkage fee of #30,000 applies (the DJ has to come with his own power generator) and a 250,000 charge for buffet set up for 10 to 100 people(this includes free entrance for 5 food vendors) 350,000 for buffet set up for 101 -- 350 people (this includes free entrance to 10 food vendors.)

Only pre-wedding photo shoot is allowed and a request have to be sent to The fee of 50,000naira is charged for a pre- wedding shoot and this covers the entrance for 4 people to the resort.

We have indoor and outdoor conference facilities that can accommodate between 2 to 500 people

We have experienced team bonding facilitators that can engage your team in over 50 different game activities in the resort. Activities such as pipeline, warship, this blows, balloon walk, caterpillar walk, kayaking etc . Please Click Here for our team bonding packages

Cooking is not allowed in the chalet except in the bungalow chalet on the lagoon called Ilerimi

No Pets are not allowed in the resort.